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Current Projects:

– Metaphobia –

(videogame, PC, release: Q1/Q2 2019)

1 Atelier

– Crash on the Floor –

(solo album by Dan Koby, release: Q1/Q2 2019)

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Hi! I’m Dan and I like to make music. Here are some things about me:

Graduated from William Paterson University of New Jersey with a B.A. in Music and a B.A. in Psychology, and was named one of eight graduating students of note in 2014 due to work in acoustic environments, directional sound, and music that was researched in the Audiovisual Perception Lab at WPUNJ.

In highschool I received the Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence by the Marine Corps League

Some of my favorite videogames are: Everquest, Counterstrike, Day of the Tentacle, The Hitman Series, Overwatch, The Elder Scrolls Series

I’m really inspired by a lot of different types of music, but these are some of my biggest inspirations: The Punch Brothers, Jeremy Soule, Okkervil River, Bon Iver, Converge, Vangelis, Pearl Jam

I like sushi, baseball, American football, traveling, Buddhism, and disc golf

Videogame Music

Kathy Rain (2016 – PC, iOS, Android)Winner of Adventure Game Studios Best Music and Sound, Best Voice Work, Best Character Art, Best Character, Best Game Created with AGS 2016

Nominated for Adventure Gamers Aggie Awards Reader’s Choice Best Music

Embers of Caerus (Unreleased, PC)

Successful Kickstarter funded

Numerous media coverage, including Forbes writeups

Independent Releases

Dreena (2018 – Co-writer, Producer) Dreena

Sleepwalking (2016 – Everything) Dan Koby

Goodbyes (2015 – EP – Everything ) Dan Koby

Nutcracker (2013 – Suite Arranged for Solo Violin) for New Chamber Ballet New York City

Live Performance

Curator of The Balcony Sessions, a live music/art/performance series in New Jersey

The Balcony Sessions 1-7


Apart From Mind (2013 – Short Film) Dr. by Cait Elbon

Bummer (2009 – Short Film) Dr. by Chas Dente

Videogame Scores – Adventure

1 – Sisters of Salvation  (featuring Malukah) – Embers of Caerus

2 – Thunder on Shatterstorm Pass – Embers of Caerus


1 – Credit Roll

2 – Nordic Dirge

3 – Thaal at Dusk – Embers of Caerus

Upbeat / Commercial

1 – Upbeat

2 – Commercial Marimba

Rock / Pop / Folk

1 – Crash on the Floor – Dan Koby

2 – Fire Dance – Dreena

3 – Sleepwalking – Dan Koby

Noir / Dark / Moody

1 – Memories [Rain Residence]  – Kathy Rain

2 – Richard – Metaphobia

3 – A Detective is Born – Kathy Rain

Retro / Electronic / Synth

1 – Circuit Battle

2 – Vinyl Beat

3 – The Water at Night – Kathy Rain

World Music / Jazz

1 – Go Forth

2 – Christmas Medley – Dreena

3 – Morning Summit

4 – Steadfast

“His music is pretty good.” Dan’s mom, Ellen Kobylarz


Winner of Adventure Game Studios Best Music and Sound, Best Voice Work, Best Character Art, Best Character, Best Game Created with AGS 2016 for Kathy Rain

Nominated for Adventure Gamers Aggie Awards Reader’s Choice Best Music for Kathy Rain

“We have our own [Nobuo] Uetmasu Jr.. His name is Daniel Kobylarz” – Jesse Reiter, Project Management Sony Online Entertainment

it’s the little snapshots that get their chance to shine; a rundown place by the lake, the dusty attic of a cozy home, and a small-town jail cell to name a few. Each one is enhanced by a great soundtrack, too, flirting between soft synths and drum barrel beats for a neo-noir vibe.” – Destructoid

The soundtrack is excellent – I love the main theme” –

The music, composed by Daniel H. Kobylarz, is wonderful and fits perfectly with the game’s atmosphere. Somewhere between Akira Yamaoka, Angelo Badalamenti and Stranger Things‘ composers Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, it incorporates influences from grunge to chill-hop in order to absolutely nail the game’s vibe. Most tracks are at once relaxed but eerie, communicating the feeling of being safe in one’s hometown while simultaneously suggesting darker undercurrents.” –

The music is also fantastic throughout and perfectly matches the tone and atmosphere of the game. It’s mysterious, quirky and grungy, much like the town and characters in the game.” -Brashgames